Video Editing

Video Editing Services

Enhance your marketing strategy with a video production that catches customers’ attention.

It is not enough only to create your message in the design. The video creatives have an everlasting impact on your audience; with our editing services in the extended version, we produce and edit high-quality videos for the marketing of your brand that trigger emotions and convert your audience into your customer.


Want to Grow Your Business More?

Uplift your business by leveraging the power of video, but would you be curious about how to edit videos?

We develop customized, integrated editing services that expand brand awareness and generate income.

We provide customized editing services to make your brand unique, including:

  • Corporate Video
  • Edited Wedding Videos
  • Real Estate Tours
  • Testimonials
  • Video Clips
  • YouTube Editing
  • Social Media Editing
  • Promo and Ads
  • Animations
  • Events Highlights

Video Editing Services We Offer

video editing

Who doesn’t want to remember the sweet memories? We know that every video category has an additional requirement. Do you wish to have your edited wedding video or music video edited, or do you need a YouTube video editor for your channel? We are here to help by editing fast and expertly videos to reach a larger audience, pique interest, and imprint pleasant memories.

Basic Video Editing

Our simple video editing services are perfect if all you want is a trimmed, orderly, and sequenced video made from your raw video data. The service includes:

  • Deleting Unnecessary Video Content
  • Formatting Adjustment
  • Sequence Combining and Rearrangement

Effects and Enrichment

This service matches your requirements if you want to give your videos extra something to make them stand out from the crowd and connect with your potential viewers. The effective and enriched editing services in The Extended Version include:

  • Sound Effects
  • Text Subtitling or Inclusion
  • Voice-Over and Noise Reduction
  • Animation
  • Online 2d/3d Effects for Video Editing

Recovery and enhancement

We provide advanced recovery and enhancement services for your distorted video data. We ensure that the exclusive video content on your VHS or any other legacy device is recovered using the most cutting-edge software and data recovery techniques. This service includes:

  • VHS Tape Restoration
  • Video Enlargement
  • Color Improvement
  • Removal of Distortion

Let us get you through cutting-edge video editing services that will help you stand out among competitors and attract a large audience. The Extended Version is a top video editing company committed to allowing our clients to convey their stories in the most remarkable ways by transforming their brand or service into stunning videos.