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Social Media Marketing Services

Online businesses often overlook the value social media brings to the game. It can be a great engagement tactic to raise brand awareness and lead generation. Our social media marketing services are built with lead generation and retention in mind to ensure that your audience is tuned into the lead and is constantly engaging with your brand from the initial point of connection.

social media marketing

The Extended Version gives you knowledge of multichannel social media marketing, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You may stand out among competitors with the appropriate social media approach. We’ll promote you where your audience is most active and create engaging content.

To centralize all conversations and interactions surrounding your business on social media, our team works as the best social media marketing agency and uses unique social media strategies. To guarantee no opportunity is lost, each engagement is handled immediately, and every chance for a sale is conveyed.

We create:

Engaging Social Media Marketing Content

We create targeted content, captions, and hashtags to engage your potential audience.

Best SEO Strategy for Social Media

Best practices of social SEO that put your social presence on the map.

Outreach for Social Media Marketing

Run campaigns for outreach that is not ignored or put on reading.

The Extended Version has a team of professionals who create social media strategies that encourage audience participation and follow-up with your brand. If you want to start with a small investment, you cannot overlook the benefits of social media marketing for small businesses. Your audience will select you without hesitation if you develop a real relationship with them.

We adhere to the strategic road map to get your business to the top. Our process begins with social media management, followed by brand monitoring and social media contests, setup, and customized profile design.

Create a plan today with the best cost for social media marketing intended to aid in expanding your targeted audience within your particular industry. Consult with the team of professionals that deals with social media edge cases. Take advantage of social media to the fullest.