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Campaign Management Services

The extended version provides campaign management services by suggesting design and message improvements, as well as improving targeting and scheduling. Your campaign manager manages your marketing campaigns and ensures that your drive remains interesting. Additionally, they will ensure that all user information is kept up-to-date and accurate per client instructions.

No Leads Left Behind with Marketing Campaign Management

Direct marketing campaigns are managed through the planning, execution, monitoring, and analysis phases. These activities include every stage of a marketing campaign’s lifetime, from conception to evaluation of results.

Our campaign management services include:

Digital and Social Marketing Advertisements

campaign management

As your campaign manager, we facilitate campaign strategy and planning. We’ll analyze your target audience, product collection, business strategy, offers, and desired outcome in detail before developing a detailed plan based on our expertise, experience, and validated metrics.

Account Analysis and Setup

Campaign audits thoroughly assess the effectiveness of your existing digital marketing campaigns. To highlight areas for potential development, our specialists thoroughly examine each platform in turn while reviewing current and previous campaigns from your organization.

Campaign audit services are based on the following strategy:

Account Structure and Configuration

Examine the structure of your ad account from the bottom up to find any structural inefficiencies that can affect the success of a campaign.

Tracking and Attribution

We analyze and review the engagement, conversion, and post-conversion tracking methods for managing your campaigns.

Creative Potential

Campaign managers perform creative reviews for each relevant campaign to evaluate the performance of your marketing and advertising.

Your Budget and Bid Strategy

We evaluate prospective modifications, such as various purchasing models, updated bids, and various budgets.

Choosing and Executing Advertisements

We suggest modifying how marketing products are related to achieving the overall objective.


In addition to enhancing campaign results, we examine your audience targeting, keyword selection, and targeted profiles.

Campaign Management Marketing and Optimization

Our priority is to make sure live campaigns perform better than expected. We continuously evaluate and optimize campaigns and make necessary adjustments to achieve the most significant results.

To more effectively incorporate the best campaign strategy into the current marketing campaign for your organization, we plan a road map for a successful campaign marketing as follows

  • Identify your target audience
  • Set campaign objectives and goals
  • Develop customer segmentation strategy
  • Determine ideal content and social channels
  • Create appealing offers
  • Measure campaign success through analytics

The management of campaigns is vital and critical. It takes careful supervision of every detail, from a list of business objectives to a fruitful multichannel campaign. 

Contact us at The Extended Version will collaborate with you to create and implement strategic and tactical components of your campaign marketing after fully grasping your brand and business objectives.