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Amazon Listing Optimization

Nothing is more vital than your product listing on Amazon Marketplace. Your Amazon Listing Optimization is one strategy to attract customers to your store. Effective search engine optimization (SEO) on the Amazon platform makes your products rank at the top.

Experience new heights with The Extended Version and boost your ranking in the Amazon Marketplace; our professional and experienced Amazon virtual assistant conducts a complete deep-dive into the Amazon vendor central by conducting detailed competitive, market, product, and keyword research.

Optimize your Amazon listing

amazon listing

The best Amazon virtual assistant can use Amazon listing optimization services to create an Amazon listing that will rank highly for relevant searches, put your product in front of more buyers, and attract more customers.

What do we offer?

Our expert Amazon VA can provide you with a wide range of listing optimization services, including:

     · Writing product description and A+ Content

We make sure your product descriptions are polished, well-written, and A+ to let customers know they are purchasing from a reputable, respectable, and legal Amazon brand.

     · Research to choose perfect keywords

Extensive study of All product features, including SKUs, standard product IDs, titles, bullets, product descriptions, primary keywords, hidden keywords, and category-specific data

     · Product addition

Creating new listings or updating existing ones with precise and accurate information

    · Suppressed listing reactivation

Discovering suppressed listings, determining the issue, and solving it to improve visibility

    · Listing duplicity removal

After a bulk product upload to Amazon, identifying inconsistency and combining listings to prevent duplication.

    · Product re-categorization

Choosing the most appropriate Amazon product category and subcategory to improve product searchability

    · Sharing pricing indicators

Check product category pricing standards and keep an eye on Amazon’s overall pricing policies. Considering the delivery costs and any applicable Amazon fees when determining the price,

    · Discounts and loyalty programs

Listings are regularly updated to reflect the top, moment-specific discounts, coupons, and deals.

You may find it worthwhile to use the skills of the Amazon virtual assistant in The Extended Version. They can refine your Amazon listing into a tool to attract attention and generate sales, especially if you are short on time, money, resources, or possess that level of Amazon knowledge.