How to sell on Amazon ? Amazon FBA – Beginner Guide

How to sell on Amazon ? Amazon FBA – Beginner Guide

Amazon is a Famous marketplace for both sellers and customers.

 It has introduced Amazon FBA service to meet the growing demands of the sellers.

Through this service, sellers can use the platform’s vast consumer base and distribution network to achieve their business goals.

It’s the most common platform option for shops. Who has a bunch of things to sell on Amazon?

So in this article, we discussed Amazon FBA service, its costs to sell on Amazon, and some beneficial tips to run a successful business on Amazon.

A beginners guide to selling on Amazon :

How to decide what products to sell with Amazon FBA?

First, you pick what you’ll sell on Amazon before you get into the mechanics of setting up your account and creating your listings.

 After all, the products you decide to sell in your store have a creative impact on your business. 

So, how to decide what to sell? When it comes down to it, there are infinite options or products to sell Out. To have a successful business, we share some valuable tips to keep in mind.

Market: Operating in a niche market will help you sell more products,

When in a niche market, you identify an area where your target client is concentrated and eager to buy your products.

You’ll have an excellent chance to stand out and fulfill client demand if you don’t compete in a market with many significant sellers and businesses.

Demand: While working in a niche market is fantastic, you still need to be sure that there is a market for the kind of goods you plan to sell.

Once more, it would be best if you stayed away from things with significant competition in the market and everyone is selling those products.

To search the market demand, you can perform a Google search for your potential products and use multiple search volume tools like AMREF and SEMrush to evaluate the market demand. 

You can also check the listing of Amazon on the other sites. 


Competition is a crucial factor that affects both the market and demand.

Ultimately, it would be best if you aimed to locate the perfect space with demand, but it isn’t very competitive.

 Again, you will need to avoid those products that have covered the big area on Amazon.


When talking about price, you will also need to find and try a balance, which means you should purchase products that are not costly and sell those for a fair profit.

It may seem advantageous to spend more money on products you can later resell at a higher price, but it can be more challenging to find success on Amazon.

Size and Shipping Cost :

Shipping your Products to the Amazon Warehouse will be one of your significant expenses as a new Amazon seller. 

Thus, it would be best to consider delivery expenses when selecting what to sell.

In the end, you should opt for Products on the smaller side that are simple to package; the smaller and lighter the Product, the most affordable cost of the Product will be.

With all of these tips and tricks, it’s crucial to do the best product research. You will need to explore the amazons other sites, they are working on an Amazon FBA. You will also check the same product channels like google shopping.

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