Website Development

Course Outline

This course will be the best course on WordPress Website Development that you will find online. More than 43% of all websites worldwide are powered by WordPress.Therefore enrolling in this course will help you to acquire skills and source of earning. In this course, you will learn the following skills:

  • Introduction to WordPress
  • Setting Up WordPress
  • Content Creation and Plugins in WordPress
  • Setting up domain and hosting and many more
● Get Started With WordPress
● Basics Of WordPress, Theme And Plugin
● What Is The Post?
● Creating And Administering Posts
● How To Use Themes
● Plugins & Widgets
● Inserting Hyperlinks
● Media Library
● Creating Users
● Configuring Website settings
● Themes And Plugins
● Adding A Slideshow
● Adding Social Media Buttons
● Handling Footer
● Backing Up The Website
● How To Work On DIVI
● Widgets & Sidebar & Menus

About The Intructor

Muhammad Hashim - React Js & WordPress Expert

A ReactJS and a WordPress developer by passion and profession. A developer by hobby and by heart! I love teaching people and sharing my knowledge, communicating, and building developers’ communities around. I develop WordPress themes and make ReactJS and WordPress-based websites and help people to have their online presence.