Email Marketing

Course Outline

Taking a course in email marketing will help you to run an online campaign for different companies and boost their business. It will not increase your tech-learning but help you to earn money independently. This course will provide you with information on the following aspects of email marketing:

Introduction to email marketing and its potential

  • Integration of klaviyo and sign-up form formation
  • Pre-purchase Flows Understanding 
  • Post-purchase flows and their tactics 
  • Campaign set-up
  • Email copy understanding and copywriting 
  • Email copywriting 
  • Email template design understanding  
  • List and segmentations
  • Advancements of klaviyo
  • Reports and Analytics 
  • Client hunting and QA session

About The Intructor

Gulam Mustafah (Email marketing)

Ghulam Mustafa is an experienced freelancer. He has also done office-based jobs with different companies and provided his email marketing services to grow his business. He has handy experience in his field of many years.